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Brokenmonstar Trailer

Brokenmonstar Trailer 1 from Kenmo on Vimeo.

Olaf Clausing made a trailer for the new project


Battlebox 13 / für Oxe!


Kenmover: Tears – by Olaf Clausing

Und hier der Kurzfilm!
And here the short film!

Kenmover - Tears - der Kurzfilm von Olaf Clausing mit Graffiti von Kenmo und Musik von Flowin Immo.
Kenmover - Tears - the short movie by Olaf Clausing with graffiti by Kenmo and music by Flowin Immo.


Kenmover Performance Nr.2

Eine zweite "Kenmover"-Performance mit Flowin Immo am Sound, Schlachthof 19.11.2016

A second "Kenmover"-performance with sound by Flowin Immo, 11-19-2016

Photos (c) by Mike Heinze + Olaf Clausing


KENMOVER: Performance

KENMOVER from Kenmo on Vimeo.

My performance at the "Closing" event of the "Komplette Palette", a project by Flowin Immo, on saturday the 24th of september.
First line translated: "I´m done!"
Second line: "I´m a walking wound".
Third line: "My life is a fundamental disappointment!"
Fourth line: "I fear the abyss".
Music live by Flowin Immo. Thanks!
My first solo show by the way...