KENMO Graffiti / Performance / Artist


Ein Anfang ist gemacht…

A beginning is made...


Stadtwerke + Grenzstraße 1992

Originally I worked on this wall with silver at night together with a friend, when we got busted by undercover cops. The problem was a crewmember came to visit us while we were painting and he was so careful to turn out the lights of his bike on the road to enter the dark yard behind the houses at the train line where we were painting. The cops who sat in their car watched him and of course followed him. So just when he said 'hello' the cops were there. My friend and me couldn´t run away cause there were fences on both sides of our spot and a cop on each side, so we tried to hide under what I think was a high voltage transformer. But after a while it became obvious we couldn´t escape and they warned us about the danger of this transformer, so we gave up. They then found out that we were teenage graffiti writers, they thought we were burglars or something. They had a moment of thinking wether they should let us go, but their sense of duty didn´t allow it. So they said we should think about contacting the owner of the wall and ask him to disclaim a complaint, which is what I actually did. It turned out it were the "Stadtwerke" (municipal utilities) and I offered them to paint a piece on commission. They even payed for the spraycans and I ordered as much as I could without making it look too obvious. That way I painted a piece at the train line near main station which is still there up to today, went away without a complaint and had lots of cans for further work.

Using these spraycans I created my most respected piece for the year at our little 'hall of fame'. The character on the side was done by Scez / Keno, who died in winter 2004-2005.

This is a photo showing the whole wall with a couple of friends hanging around. Above my piece you see an also well-respected "TSW" piece by again Scez / Keno.