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Chaos & (B)order: the video and more photos.

Chaos & (B)order from Kenmo on Vimeo.

The final chapter of what turned out a trilogy of black-and-white graffiti live performances.
Like "Wandeln" (2011) and "Pandoras Box" (2012) this has been a youth project with volunteers.
While "Wandeln" dealt with conflict potential on a global scale and "Pandoras Box" with the conflict potential between individual and society, this one goes into the internal battle field between mental and emotional approach... (different interpretations are possible also)


Pandoras Box – das Video!

Hier nun die Video-Dokumentation der diesjährigen Graffitiperformance.

Pandoras Box from Kenmo on Vimeo.

This is the second Graffitiperformance I produced. Like the first one it´s all black-and-white, music and "Zeitgeist"-issues. Unlike the first one this time we worked on a cube with four segments that can be rotated. This was quite a challenge to work with technically, since it was all new and we really didn´t have much time for our rehearsals. After the unexpected success of "Wandeln" last year it was hard to satisfy the high expectations anyway. In the end I think we worked out something good, but in my vision it could have been even better (which probably is the normal state of an artist, eh?!).
The first scene shows a person with a TV-head (a box!) bombarded with brainwash-propaganda from three screens until he finally doubts his identification with this virtual reality and asks himself the question "who am I?". This becomes the turning point. While the painted wall rotates imagine the person turning around in the room, away from the screens, still not knowing who he really is, just to find himself in the next bigger box like a prison cell confronted with surveillance and police brutality directed by a capitalist death figure in the second scene. Now they ask him to "identify yourself!". The third scene shows the usual system-identification-boxes like ID-card, bank card, smart phone and insurance card as the answer offered by the state. In the fourth scene the person finally identifies with what can never be taken away from him: his almost room-(box!)-filling body, his thoughts, feelings, impulses and consciousness as a naked man showing a face for the first time. Then the box closes again, following the original story of Pandoras Box getting closed before the last remaining thing in it can move out with the second opening: Hope!
The last scene representing hope shows the person outside of town, outside of the boxes, turning into the other direction with flying birds tied to his fingers as if he was to fly away towards the huge spiral in the night sky at the end of the picture, while the audience is left to decide wether his hope is something completely irrational like the last big illusion or wether it actually is something "reasonable", wether he´s got the magic to manifest another reality.


“Wandeln”: Fotos von der Aufführung

Hier eine Reihe bisher unveröffentlichter Fotos von "Wandeln" am 19. und 22. September 2011 - alle gemacht von Nikolai Sokolov. An dieser Stelle Dir nochmal vielen Dank!

In 6 Tagen ist die Premiere von Pandoras Box!


Wandeln – das Video

Endlich ist das Video der Performance fertig! Demnächst gibt es das dann hier auch noch mal in hochauflösender Form mit einer Menge bisher unveröffentlichter Fotos!

Wandeln from Kenmo on Vimeo.

"Wandeln" is a graffiti-performance in black and white, on a 10 m x 2,10 m wall. This was performed at the "Explosive!" theatre-festival at the Kulturzentrum Schlachthof in Bremen, Germany in september 2011.
The german title "Wandeln" is a little play with words: Wandel means change, wandeln means to change but also to promenade, and then Wand means wall -
so it´s like "demonstrating change by walking along the wall" (and painting it, of course) ...


Wandeln – Abschlussfotos

Hier ein paar Fotos, die wir nach unserem letzten Auftritt noch gemacht haben. Eine vollständige Aufzeichnung der Performance wird es hoffentlich irgendwann nächste Woche geben.

Desweiteren gibt es Fotos von der ersten Aufführung zu sehen bei Tobe77.

Und hier noch ein Videointerview mit mir von der Theaterwerkstatt des Schlachthofs:

Wovon wir sprechen, wenn wir über Theater sprechen: Episode 6 from theaterwerkstatt SCHLACHTHOF on Vimeo.

Episode 6
Im Gespräch: Lenart Seehausen aka. Kenmo

Explosive! Festival 2011
13. internationales Festival für junges Theater
Kulturzentrum Schlachthof, Bremen

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