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TSW Sketchbook ca. ‘91

A friend of mine gave me this PDF with scans he made from old black-and-white copies of sketches, not only by TSW / The Style Warriorz, but loads of others aswell. In some cases it's hard to tell who made the original sketch, since at that times, people used to make their own tag on these copies, before they were given way to the next guy.
A few names here are Scez / Zoe (the later Keno (R.I.P.)), Menace, Jore, Eton, Newton, Caras, D-Nize, Jase, B-Base, me, and then there's some stuff from other towns and UK aswell.
The quality is bad, I think it was one of his first tries to digitally archive stuff in the late 90s... (and of course, many of the copies have been bad quality already before that)



TSW Hit 1991

I did this piece at the main entrance of my school in 1991 together with Salomon aka Scez aka Keno (who died in 2004) and another guy who painted just for a short time. I made the "TSW" and the "Hit" while Salomon made the characters and the "1991". The other guy did a helper job I think.