KENMO graffiti / performance / artist


Posing ca. 1992

Kleiner Vorgeschmack auf die Ausstellung...
A little foretaste to the exhibition...


TSW Sketchbook ca. ‘91

A friend of mine gave me this PDF with scans he made from old black-and-white copies of sketches, not only by TSW / The Style Warriorz, but loads of others aswell. In some cases it's hard to tell who made the original sketch, since at that times, people used to make their own tag on these copies, before they were given way to the next guy.
A few names here are Scez / Zoe (the later Keno (R.I.P.)), Menace, Jore, Eton, Newton, Caras, D-Nize, Jase, B-Base, me, and then there's some stuff from other towns and UK aswell.
The quality is bad, I think it was one of his first tries to digitally archive stuff in the late 90s... (and of course, many of the copies have been bad quality already before that)



The Story Continues – 1994

In 1994 I continued to paint massive amounts of pieces for that time. There was nothing else I could think of, really. All I had was Hip Hop and Graffiti and I made full use of it, not being very aware yet that doing so often meant avoiding other stuff - the problems in my family especially. I think this might quite well have been the peak level of my early Graffiti 'career'.


Graffiti Contest, Hamburg 1993

In spring 1993 I took part in a Graffiti contest in Hamburg at the "Kampnagel"-area. You had to apply for it by sending in sketches, from which 25 participants were chosen. I just tried it out and was surprised to receive an invitation. One week off from school and they paid for the journey and the stay and of course the spraycans. I knew I was going to enjoy it!
I met writers from Dresden, Itzehoe, Lüneburg, "Sener" from Bremerhaven and "Wow123" from Bremen that I knew before, but most participants came from Hamburg. I was a bit puzzled by few people that seemed to be so overambitious and at least one person even dared to say he would 'by all means' rank in the top 4 - before he even started to paint! Some of them were very disappointed when they heard the news in the middle of the week that "Daim" was going to take part as well...

I just did my work and enjoyed the scenery. I felt glad to get to know "Jase", who by that time was quite a famous oldschool Graffiti artist and Breakdancer from the crew "The Def Stars". He´s such a nice guy and we had a good time together. We decided to do a piece together at the "Treff" the next day, after we had finished our contest paintings.

A few weeks later I was very surprised to find out that I made the second prize - right after "Daim" and "Hesh" who won the first one. As a reward I got this commissioned work to do for the boutique "Meyer´s" at the "Gänsemarkt" in the centre of town. Even the radio and the newspapers were talking about it.


High Voltage