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FILE0066 from Kenmo on Vimeo.


We´ve got drums!


G-gen die Wand

Heute kam der uns begleitende Drummer zum ersten Mal mit dazu. Trotz des Regens und der Kälte hatten wir ein super Brainstorming. Die grobe 'Story' der Aufführung wird langsam greifbar. Wir bleiben dran - Sonntag geht´s weiter!


“I Love Music”

Im August habe ich einen Graffiti-Workshop für das Jugendhaus Leeste gegeben.
Ziel war ein Bild für den Musikraum zu schaffen - hier das Ergebnis.

In august I gave a graffiti workshop for a youth centre. We created this painting on a wooden plate for the music room.


KGS (Kooperative Gesamtschule) Kirchweyhe

Today I finished another school yard wall painting. I have this continuous job there once a week and the children / teenagers change regularly. Those I'm working with now are really quite young and not used to work with spraycans and not really into graffiti (writing) either. I couldn't quite think of a concept for this wall, until I allowed myself to allow them to just kind of "spray their minds" and then make something out of it. It seems to work though, I quite like the outcome.