KENMO Graffiti / Performance / Artist


Kenmo and the Grim Reaper 1995

In 1995 things began to change for me. I was now in my early twenties, moved out of my parents house and finished school finally. Then I had to do a ridiculous job in a temping agency to be able to pay my rent before I started my civilian service instead of army. I had my first real horrifying glance into societys everyday life and it was depressing. In fact I got really depressed, so depressed that I couldn´t do any artistic work for a while. On christmas eve I was close to jump out the window of my flat in the 5th floor. Some strange pull drew me to the window, I was in a kind of trance, when suddenly two of my best friends from school ringed at the door at 12 in the night. Those two girls just had the right intuition in the right moment and went having a look for me, knowing very well about my depression at that times.
This way I survived my encounter with the 'Grim Reaper' and promised myself to never kill myself, regardless of what ever happens in my future life.
I often found my earlier art works so significant when I looked back at it later. Several times I found my art works to predict my future issues.