KENMO graffiti / performance / artist


Battlebox Marktplatz Bremen

Battlebox auf dem Bremer Marktplatz heute nachmittag, im Rahmen der "Messe der Kinder- und Jugendkultur", in Kooperation mit dem Kubo und dem Schlachthof.
Im Finale Onkel Oxe und Käpt´n Kenmo mit dem Thema "digitale Litfaßsäule" - wie immer in 10 min auf die Wand geworfen. Das war cool!

Battlebox on Bremen´s marketplace right in the city center.

So the concept is this:
We come with this foldable, rotatable wall, useable from both sides, which can be turned into a square box, too (hence the name, stemming from the original performance "Pandora´s Box").
We´ve got 4 Artists introducing themselves and competing with each other (therefore the "battle" to the box).
We´ve got a DJ, pumping hip hop beats, and the MC, communicating with the audience. He asks the crowd for words, terms, subjects of our next paintings. Often we have a combination of 2 or 3 terms to be the subject of our work.
We then get 10 minutes time to create a painting instandly to it.
The audience then decides per applaus who won the battle and is going to have another round - until the final one!
Allthewhile the wall gets covered with fresh white paint on the backside, after each rotation.


2 Weeks ago at the Breminale…

...we had another great show, it was really amazing with the big and loud crowd!
Still waiting and working for another video, here are a few more impressions tho...
Next sunday, august 17th, we´re gonna play at the Wattenschlick festival in Dangast at the north sea!
Flowin Immo opening the showImmo commenting on the first battle between Statik and Kenmo / subject: "Breminale" and "bicycle"Promotion for the "Nordseite" revival jam, 20 years after the release of Bremen´s first hip hop sampler, september the 6th at the "Schlachthof"!


3 Weeks ago in Weyhe…

...we had this great Battlebox show with Oxe, Statik, Pommes, MC Blowm, DJ Stickeltodd, Beduine on the paint roller and me. I believe it was the hottest day so far this summer, and we were really sweating and exhausting ourselves in the afternoon sun!
I think we´re going to have another video soon...


Battlebox Breminale 27-7-2014

Die Battlebox auf der Breminale am Sonntag war der absolute Burner!
Genau SO habe ich mir das ursprünglich vorgestellt, und jetzt, im 4. Anlauf (ein kaum beachteter am Güterbahnhof im letzten September + die beiden in Weyhe) hat´s endlich so RICHTIG geklappt, ein Traum wurde wahr!
Herzlichen Dank an alle beteiligten Maler, MCs, Helfer, Jürgen! und das hochverehrte Publikum,
es war mir ein Fest!

The Battlebox at the Breminale (Bremen´s biggest festival) on sunday was the absolute burner!
My original dream became true now in the fourth attempt, THIS was what I really intended!
Many thanks to everybody involved, including the fantastic audience!


“Geschlossene Gesellschaft” – Photos of the video shoot

Hier gibt's ein paar Fotos von dem Videodreh mit Flowin Immo, im Schuppen2 über die zwei Osterfeiertage.
Bei aller Arbeit, die da drin steckt, hat es doch echt Spaß gemacht mit ihm und unseren lieben Helfern. An dieser Stelle nochmal DANKE an alle Beteiligten, u.a. speziell Jürgen, Mike, Ramon und Gregor. Das war auf jeden Fall mein künstlerisches Highlight des ersten Halbjahres 2014!

Here are a few photos of the video shoot with Flowin Immo, done on the two easter holidays.
Despite of all the work, we had a lot of fun, too. Many THANKS to all the lovely helpers who made it possible. This was deffo my artistic highlight of the first half of 2014!

Und hier nochmal das Video - gucken, Leude!
Here's the video once more, have a look, folks!