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Kenmover: Tears – by Olaf Clausing

Und hier der Kurzfilm!
And here the short film!

Kenmover - Tears - der Kurzfilm von Olaf Clausing mit Graffiti von Kenmo und Musik von Flowin Immo.
Kenmover - Tears - the short movie by Olaf Clausing with graffiti by Kenmo and music by Flowin Immo.


Kenmover Performance Nr.2

Eine zweite "Kenmover"-Performance mit Flowin Immo am Sound, Schlachthof 19.11.2016

A second "Kenmover"-performance with sound by Flowin Immo, 11-19-2016

Photos (c) by Mike Heinze + Olaf Clausing



Hier der fertige Transporter für die Ökokiste - meine erste Fahrzeug-Gestaltung.

Here´s the van I painted for the "Ökokiste", a delivery service for organic veg and fruits. It´s the first time I painted a car.


Battlebox Marktplatz Bremen

Battlebox auf dem Bremer Marktplatz heute nachmittag, im Rahmen der "Messe der Kinder- und Jugendkultur", in Kooperation mit dem Kubo und dem Schlachthof.
Im Finale Onkel Oxe und Käpt´n Kenmo mit dem Thema "digitale Litfaßsäule" - wie immer in 10 min auf die Wand geworfen. Das war cool!

Battlebox on Bremen´s marketplace right in the city center.

So the concept is this:
We come with this foldable, rotatable wall, useable from both sides, which can be turned into a square box, too (hence the name, stemming from the original performance "Pandora´s Box").
We´ve got 4 Artists introducing themselves and competing with each other (therefore the "battle" to the box).
We´ve got a DJ, pumping hip hop beats, and the MC, communicating with the audience. He asks the crowd for words, terms, subjects of our next paintings. Often we have a combination of 2 or 3 terms to be the subject of our work.
We then get 10 minutes time to create a painting instandly to it.
The audience then decides per applaus who won the battle and is going to have another round - until the final one!
Allthewhile the wall gets covered with fresh white paint on the backside, after each rotation.


2 Weeks ago at the Breminale…

...we had another great show, it was really amazing with the big and loud crowd!
Still waiting and working for another video, here are a few more impressions tho...
Next sunday, august 17th, we´re gonna play at the Wattenschlick festival in Dangast at the north sea!
Flowin Immo opening the showImmo commenting on the first battle between Statik and Kenmo / subject: "Breminale" and "bicycle"Promotion for the "Nordseite" revival jam, 20 years after the release of Bremen´s first hip hop sampler, september the 6th at the "Schlachthof"!