KENMO Graffiti / Performance / Artist



This week I finished this school yard wall with the kids. The title is "Lebensbahn" ("Lifetrain" or "Train of Life"). This particular trainstation is named after the school "KGS Kirchweyhe" - which is just one station of the train of life, symbolically.


“Weyhe ist bunt”

Another school yard got painted and "Weyhe is [a little more] colourful" now!
It was the pupils´idea to paint a train on the wall, and on it the graffiti. The slogan is meant as an anti-xenophobic, or pro-multicultural statement in town. I thought it was very appropriate to what we did as well.


Day 5: The finished Wall

Another school yard freshly painted: 22 Teenagers made their first graffiti.