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My “Fuck Off-Piece”

Yesterday I painted a wall together with a couple of old graffiti friends. It was quite spontaneous and I started freestyling with only a vague idea in mind. In the middle of work I felt that the shape of my letters didn´t really seem to fit my idea. I got so disappointed with it then that I decided to finish it quickly with just a bubble background and white outlines and call it the "Fuck Off Piece"! Sometimes I´m that type of guy that starts looking and thinking and re-thinking about my artwork and then go on with it until I brought it to a good end, but not really this time.
Hek wanted to convince me to at least work out my outlines in a better way and do something more with the 3D, but I was not in the mood anymore. So later he did it himself on my piece.

Here you can see the whole wall and the pieces of the others:

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