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Was ist Zeit

Kleiner Auftrag für ein großes Bauunternehmen.



This is a piece I did in summer 1996. I was working with an arts class from a school for adults together with a friend. This work is still standing and it became one of my best-known pieces since it is very close to the main station in Bremen and thousands and thousands of people pass by it every day.
Down at the left and right corner you see the letters K and M. I was experimenting in doing it without outlines, plus you can see how the rays of my spirit or mind cut through these letters of my name, transcending my identity in the physical plane. An alternative title at that time would have been Dhyana.
Someone obviously thought it needed some orange on the eyebrows - I´m not convinced, though...


High Voltage


Clear the way

Grünenstraße 1993


My “Fuck Off-Piece”

Yesterday I painted a wall together with a couple of old graffiti friends. It was quite spontaneous and I started freestyling with only a vague idea in mind. In the middle of work I felt that the shape of my letters didn´t really seem to fit my idea. I got so disappointed with it then that I decided to finish it quickly with just a bubble background and white outlines and call it the "Fuck Off Piece"! Sometimes I´m that type of guy that starts looking and thinking and re-thinking about my artwork and then go on with it until I brought it to a good end, but not really this time.
Hek wanted to convince me to at least work out my outlines in a better way and do something more with the 3D, but I was not in the mood anymore. So later he did it himself on my piece.

Here you can see the whole wall and the pieces of the others: