KENMO graffiti / performance / artist


The Story Continues – 1994

In 1994 I continued to paint massive amounts of pieces for that time. There was nothing else I could think of, really. All I had was Hip Hop and Graffiti and I made full use of it, not being very aware yet that doing so often meant avoiding other stuff - the problems in my family especially. I think this might quite well have been the peak level of my early Graffiti 'career'.


Homage to Roger Dean

This weekend I painted a garage door on commission for a couple in Bremens "Viertel". They gave me the picture "The Flights of Icarus" by Roger Dean as a draft - so this is what I made out of it:


At work

Danke an Antje Diewerge für das Foto.


Hall of Fame – rest in pieces!

Vor kurzem wurde unsere Hall of Fame in der Bremer Überseestadt abgerissen. Schade drum! Es waren zwei schöne Jahre.

Recently our "Hall of Fame" in the harbour of Bremen got demolished. What a pity! It have been two nice years.


Majical Youth

In Wales...