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Battlebox Streetart-Festival Weyhe 15.9.

Hier einige Fotos von der Battlebox beim Streetart-Festival Weyhe-Leeste am 15.9.
Es war mal wieder nice, wir haben sauber abgeliefert, coole Location, super Veranstalter - Danke an alle! Bis zum nächsten mal(en)!:-)


3 Weeks ago in Weyhe…

...we had this great Battlebox show with Oxe, Statik, Pommes, MC Blowm, DJ Stickeltodd, Beduine on the paint roller and me. I believe it was the hottest day so far this summer, and we were really sweating and exhausting ourselves in the afternoon sun!
I think we´re going to have another video soon...



BATTLEBOX from Kenmo on Vimeo.

Battlebox, June 2013, Kirchweyhe / Germany
Making use of the 'left-over' box of the performance "Pandoras Box", I created this hip-hop battle-type event. The audience suggests the themes that the artists then have to paint to, within 10 or 15 minutes. To make it proper fun I also invited DJ Stickeltodd and MC Blowm for some adequate musical support!

The themes here are (in order of appearance):
1. "Four elements of Hip-Hop"
2. "Kleingartenverein" (garden plot association)
3. "Wochenendeinkauf" (weekend shopping)
4. "Fantasy"

Soundtrack: "Rauh und Ungepflegt", Blowmbeatz
This was the first try. We hope for more events like this in the near future! Book us!






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