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Battlebox Shows am 16.+17. Juni auf dem Farbflut-Festival und vorraussichtlich am 29. Juli auf der Breminale geplant!
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KENMOVER: Performance

KENMOVER from Kenmo on Vimeo.

My performance at the "Closing" event of the "Komplette Palette", a project by Flowin Immo, on saturday the 24th of september.
First line translated: "I´m done!"
Second line: "I´m a walking wound".
Third line: "My life is a fundamental disappointment!"
Fourth line: "I fear the abyss".
Music live by Flowin Immo. Thanks!
My first solo show by the way...


Battlebox at Watt-en-Schlick-Fest, Dangast, August 2014

Im August, in Folge des Auftritts auf der Breminale, hatten wir die Gelegenheit, auf dem ersten "Watt en Schlick-Fest" in Dangast aufzutreten.
Mit dabei waren DJ Stickeltodd (Golden Error), MC Flowin Immo, die Künstler Onkel Oxe, Pommes, Felix & ich, sowie Jürgen und Nina als Helfer zum streichen und auf- und abbauen.
Es lief alles etwas chaotisch ab, das Wetter war windig und regnerisch, ich ziemlich niedergeschlagen, aber hey, letzten Endes wurde es dennoch eine gute Show! Danke allen Beteiligten und natürlich dem Veranstalter dafür, uns zu buchen!


In august, following our show at the Breminale (well-known festival in Bremen), we had the opportunity to play at the first "Watt en Schlick"-festival in Dangast.

We had DJ Stickeltodd, MC Flowin Immo, the artists Onkel Oxe, Pommes, Felix and me, and the helpers Jürgen and Nina.
It was all a bit chaotic, the weather was windy and rainy, I felt droopy, but hey, in the end we had another great show! Thanks to all involved!



BATTLEBOX from Kenmo on Vimeo.

Battlebox, June 2013, Kirchweyhe / Germany
Making use of the 'left-over' box of the performance "Pandoras Box", I created this hip-hop battle-type event. The audience suggests the themes that the artists then have to paint to, within 10 or 15 minutes. To make it proper fun I also invited DJ Stickeltodd and MC Blowm for some adequate musical support!

The themes here are (in order of appearance):
1. "Four elements of Hip-Hop"
2. "Kleingartenverein" (garden plot association)
3. "Wochenendeinkauf" (weekend shopping)
4. "Fantasy"

Soundtrack: "Rauh und Ungepflegt", Blowmbeatz
This was the first try. We hope for more events like this in the near future! Book us!


Chaos & (B)order: the video and more photos.

Chaos & (B)order from Kenmo on Vimeo.

The final chapter of what turned out a trilogy of black-and-white graffiti live performances.
Like "Wandeln" (2011) and "Pandoras Box" (2012) this has been a youth project with volunteers.
While "Wandeln" dealt with conflict potential on a global scale and "Pandoras Box" with the conflict potential between individual and society, this one goes into the internal battle field between mental and emotional approach... (different interpretations are possible also)





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