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“Geschlossene Gesellschaft” – Photos of the video shoot

Hier gibt's ein paar Fotos von dem Videodreh mit Flowin Immo, im Schuppen2 über die zwei Osterfeiertage.
Bei aller Arbeit, die da drin steckt, hat es doch echt Spaß gemacht mit ihm und unseren lieben Helfern. An dieser Stelle nochmal DANKE an alle Beteiligten, u.a. speziell Jürgen, Mike, Ramon und Gregor. Das war auf jeden Fall mein künstlerisches Highlight des ersten Halbjahres 2014!

Here are a few photos of the video shoot with Flowin Immo, done on the two easter holidays.
Despite of all the work, we had a lot of fun, too. Many THANKS to all the lovely helpers who made it possible. This was deffo my artistic highlight of the first half of 2014!

Und hier nochmal das Video - gucken, Leude!
Here's the video once more, have a look, folks!



BATTLEBOX from Kenmo on Vimeo.

Battlebox, June 2013, Kirchweyhe / Germany
Making use of the 'left-over' box of the performance "Pandoras Box", I created this hip-hop battle-type event. The audience suggests the themes that the artists then have to paint to, within 10 or 15 minutes. To make it proper fun I also invited DJ Stickeltodd and MC Blowm for some adequate musical support!

The themes here are (in order of appearance):
1. "Four elements of Hip-Hop"
2. "Kleingartenverein" (garden plot association)
3. "Wochenendeinkauf" (weekend shopping)
4. "Fantasy"

Soundtrack: "Rauh und Ungepflegt", Blowmbeatz
This was the first try. We hope for more events like this in the near future! Book us!



MONSTR from Kenmo on Vimeo.

My first self-made video!
I´m planning to make a whole series of "monster" pieces and short videos.
The background is inspired by my latest performance "Chaos & (B)order". The issue "monster" is inspired by a dream I had few years ago and deep emotional shadow-work.

I wonder why the photo shots in the first part of the video don´t have the same format as the rest of the video, even though they are done by the same camera without changing any settings inbetween...
Maybe some smart person has an answer for me ;)




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Last weekends whole wall.





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